Lisa Meaney
Founding Director, practice lead

Lisa has worked for 15 years leading and facilitating place based change across the UK. She spent 12 years working in the creative industries in the north of England, on site based and environmental projects, and as a creative partner in government funded research programmes. She is a Clore Social Leadership Fellow and holds an MA in Design and Environment from Goldsmiths.

Along with her own skills in art, design, research and change leadership she brings access to a network of trusted environmental and creative partners from across the UK as part of Wild Pear. Her enduring commitment to enjoyable, meaningful and effective 'in the world' change is the driving force behind the company.

Lisa maintains a studio based art and design practice, she also publishes and presents her thinking on environmental change methods and our human relationship with nature. These endeavours inform the continued development of Wild Pear.

Lisa is undertaking a PhD in Posthuman Practice at Lancaster University.

Lisa combines the resourcefulness and creative imagination of an artist with the critical thinking and organisational skills of a strategic manager"

Nick Nuttgens, former Director Creative Partnerships, Sheffield
Kath Daly
Associate, Landscapes

Kath is an experienced environmental professional who has worked for over 25 years in the land and nature sector in the Chilterns, and in the Norfolk and Suffolk Brecks. She has a strong track record of leading the development of landscape-scale collaborative initiatives to facilitate environmental and social change.

She has joined Wild pear as an associate to explore the capacity of creative and arts-based approaches to achieve greater impact within the nature recovery sector.

Her work has frequently involved building trusted relationships with and between stakeholders including farmers, NGOs, local government, and government agencies to create effective joined up approaches to tackling the nature and climate crises.

Kath originally trained as a Social Worker, and has worked on community projects in Peru, Nicaragua and in the South Wales Valleys. She has a BSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of Southampton, and a Certificate of Qualification in Social work from University of Wales, Cardiff.

She is committed to contributing and developing her skills, learning and experience to the challenge of building pathways to a more regenerative future for our planet.

Kath provides the support, carefully considered insight and challenge that enables impactful work. Her patience and fundamental understanding of the environmental sector make her a highly valued and respected partner"

John Shaw, Managing Director Chiltern Rangers CIC

Zuniara Malik,
Ecological Restoration and Youth Leadership

Zunaira is an environmental educator, facilitator and consultant and has recently graduated with her masters in Land & Ecological Restoration at the Eden Project. She has worked and mentored young people on developing environmental leadership, planned and delivered nature camps and designed conservation education materials. She has also been engaged in community consultations and programme development, campaigned at civil society events at UN COPs, and is featured in the Climate Reframe project initiated by Mothers of Invention at the Doc Society, a project aiming to highlight the voices of 100 Black, Asian, and minority ethnic people in the UK environmental sector.

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