Wild Pear uses art and design practices to enable change.

We work with research and change agencies, NGO's, statutory bodies and community groups, leading research, co-design sessions, and the creation and delivery of catalyst events, projects and tools.

We enjoy being creative practice and delivery leads within broader interdisciplinary teams. We also develop our own research and projects.

Wild Pear has grown out of founder Lisa Meaney’s environmental art, design and research for change practice. We are particularly interested in work that enables a deep and evidenced understanding of creative practice as a complimentary approach to science within environmental change, and as a potential route to forging new human - nature relationships. 

As keen advocates of place based change, we are also committed to helping lead environmental adaption in our home town, Thame.

Wild Pear is a registered not for profit organisation.Please feel free to evolve our work in not-for profit contexts under the Creative Commons Licence.

If you would like to find out more, or work with us, please get in touch.
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